Let’s face it: unplanned pregnancies can be frightening, especially when you’re unsure of what to do. But why should you speak with Human Life Services about abortion?

Abortion carries more risks than people realize, and it’s important to be armed with the facts when you’re making this kind of decision. You and your health matter!

What Can I Learn From Your Center?

Your mind may already be made up about having an abortion, but there are still a few things you’ll want to do beforehand to protect your health and safety. At Human Life Services, our free and confidential obstetrical ultrasounds give you important details about your pregnancy. 


An ultrasound will tell you whether your pregnancy is viable or you’ve had a miscarriage. About 10-20% of all known pregnancies end in miscarriage, and it’s important to check to see if you’ve had one so that you can get the medical treatment you need.

Gestational Age

Ultrasounds will also tell you how far along you are. This information will inform you of what abortion procedure you’re eligible for.

Location of Pregnancy

While many pregnancies may be located in the uterus, some are located in a location other than the uterus, such as in a fallopian tube. This is called an ectopic pregnancy. If left untreated, ectopic pregnancies can be very dangerous, so it’s vital to have an ultrasound to check for signs of one. 

Learn About Your Options

At Human Life Services, we offer information about your pregnancy options, including abortion, adoption, and parenting. Understanding your options will help you to make the best possible decision and make it with confidence. In addition to offering ultrasounds, we give you the opportunity to learn more in a safe, confidential setting. 

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