Not many individuals remain unchanged after choosing this pregnancy option. Abortion affects everyone – fathers, grandparents, future siblings, even friends. Some women report that they feel they are a different person than before their abortion. Know that hope and healing is available to you.

If you need to talk about your abortion experience, we’re here for you.

Effects of Abortion

Many women are told abortion is a quick and simple process, but many women are not informed of the potential serious effects. You could experience them right away or even months or years later. It’s ok not to know how to process the pain involved.

Do you find that you struggle with…

  • Irritability
  • Anger
  • Difficulty concentrating
  • Flashbacks
  • Feelings of intense grief or depression
  • Anxiety attacks
  • Self-destructive behaviors

How To Receive Help

You can overcome the effects of abortion with the right support and resources. Statistics show that three out of 10 women will have an abortion by age 45 . . . You Are Not Alone! No matter how overwhelming the weight of abortion may feel, you don’t have to stay stuck in your pain.

Free & Confidential Resources

To begin your healing journey, you need the right tools and support. Our compassionate team at Human Life Services is here for you!

Reach out to learn where to begin & receive free and confidential help today. We believe in you.

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