Did you just find out that your partner may be pregnant? You may be feeling scared, angry, or even in denial with an unplanned pregnancy. That is normal. There may be a million thoughts running through your mind, like:

  • “How do I know it’s my baby?”
  • “My parents are going to kill me!”
  • “Is she really pregnant?”
  • “What am I supposed to do now?”

At Human Life Services, we not only help women facing unplanned pregnancies, but we help men. We understand that sometimes you need a safe place to share what’s on your mind and work through your options. We have male counselors available who are willing to walk through your options with you.

What’s Your First Step?

The first step to navigating this pregnancy with your partner is to confirm the pregnancy. Our medical staff offers free pregnancy testing and obstetrical ultrasounds so you can move forward in confidence. Next, it’s vital to make an informed decision together. You have three options: abortionparenting, or adoption.

It’s essential to listen to each other and to talk through your options together. Whatever option you choose is a permanent one, and it will affect your relationship and your future.

Support For Men

If you decide to parent, but are unsure of what happens next, we’re here for you. Our team at Human Life Services offers parenting classes for Dads! You can join us on your own or with your partner. We have male counselors to lead these classes and connect with you on areas which concern you.

Contact us today to schedule a free & confidential appointment to learn more.