When faced with an unplanned pregnancy, you may not know where to turn to or your options. Many women feel like abortion is their only option, especially if they have had one before or know someone who has had one.

Luckily, there are other resources out there that can point you toward learning about options like parenting and adoption. While these options may seem overwhelming initially, with the right resources and support, you may find that they suit you best.

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What Do I Need to Know About Parenting?

Parenting can be a beautiful but overwhelming journey, especially if you’re a first-time mom or dad. Your knowledge of parenting may be based on your own childhood experiences or watching family and friends. Though challenging at times, parenting can be a joyous experience. The love you can have for your child is like no other.

Consider asking yourself these questions about parenting:

  • Do I feel mentally, emotionally, and physically ready to parent a child?
  • Do I have a robust support system in place?
  • What am I most worried about when it comes to parenting? What am I excited about?
  • What resources will I need to be a good parent?

Answering and discussing these questions with a trusted support person or pregnancy resource center can help you identify whether this option is worth exploring. 

Many people feel that they are interested in parenting but are unsure if they have the right resources to do so. Luckily, Human Life Services is here for you. They can help connect you to resources in the area and provide prenatal and infant care classes to help you excel at the parenting option!

Adoption: What Information Do I Need?

For some, adoption can be an emotional experience. The thought of placing your child in another family can be stressful and challenging. But a lot has changed about adoption, and you now have more information than ever when considering this option. 

Learn more about the different adoption plans available to you, including:

  • Open adoption: You get to participate in every adoption process step, and you can form a relationship with the adoptive family and child through regular communication.
  • Semi-closed adoption: With this form of adoption, communication occurs between the woman and the adoptive family, but it is carried out through a third party, like an adoption agency or attorney.
  • Closed adoption: This option is best for women who wish to remain anonymous. All of the adoption records are sealed, and any identifying information remains confidential. 

Adoption isn’t always an easy decision, but it may be right for you and give you lasting peace of mind. Human Life Services can connect you with one of our Client Advocates to discuss the adoption process and what that may look like for you.

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