Every woman reacts differently after undergoing a traumatic event, and an abortion procedure can be considered one of them. While some may feel relief after an abortion, others may experience grief, sadness, and anxiety shortly afterward or even years following the event. 

It’s essential to take care of your mental health if you’ve had an abortion and get the support you need. Sometimes these emotions and feelings do not surface until years later.

What Might Women Experience?

According to a study, abortion is associated with increased rates of mental illness, and the procedure can be directly linked to mental health problems for some women. It is essential to take this information seriously. 

Following an abortion, women can experience the following mental health effects:

  • Anxiety
  • Grief
  • Feelings of loss
  • Sadness
  • Depression

Deciding to have an abortion isn’t something to take lightly. It’s a major decision that requires serious thought and research beforehand. You’ll want to talk through this option with a trusted professional or local pregnancy center so that you have the facts on abortion procedures. 

What Should I Do Before an Abortion?

Why review your pregnancy options before deciding? You’ll want to understand the risks of abortion and your other options: parenting and making an adoption plan. Rushing into a decision can create emotional consequences requiring healing and professional help to recover from. 

Consider reviewing your options at Human Life Services. We would be happy to offer you guidance and education. If you have had an abortion and suffer from mental health issues, we also provide post-abortion recovery support to help you along your healing journey. 

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