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We provide free holistic reproductive health services, including pregnancy testing, STD testing, ultrasound confirmation, pregnancy options consultations, education, resources, and more. We can give you the answers you need to make an informed and empowered choice.

If you are considering abortion, an ultrasound is an important health and safety step. An ultrasound should be performed prior to a surgical abortion procedure or before taking abortion pills to determine if the pregnancy is occurring within your uterus, if it is a viable pregnancy, and how far along you are. 

For your health and safety, make an ultrasound appointment today before you make an appointment at an abortion clinic or buy the abortion pill online.

We can provide a free pregnancy test and confirm a positive result with an ultrasound screening at no cost to you.

Your Health & Safety Checklist


A positive pregnancy test is an indicator of pregnancy, not a verification. Before you pay for an abortion, rule out a naturally occurring miscarriage. If the pregnancy is not viable, the abortion pill should not be taken.


It’s important to rule out an ectopic pregnancy through an ultrasound before you buy or take abortion pills because findings could make an abortion unnecessary. Ectopic pregnancies require immediate medical attention as they can be very dangerous.


While our practitioners do not provide abortion services, we can provide an ultrasound for you at no cost, so you can get the answers you need to make an informed choice.

Confidential & No-Cost Services

Your Next Steps

Pregnancy Testing

We provide free lab-quality pregnancy testing. Schedule a test with a nurse and get same-day results.

Options Consult

The types of abortion procedures that may apply to your situation depend on your health history and how far along you are. 

For example, the abortion pill is not a safe option for women with certain medical conditions. Make an appointment to learn more about the different types of abortion procedures, side effects, risks, what to expect, recovery, and more.

We can talk through your options and  provide information on additional pregnancy resources. Schedule a no-pressure, confidential consult to help you take the next step.

Ultrasound Confirmation

We provide free, limited obstetric ultrasounds at our center.

An ultrasound can verify a positive pregnancy test result, confirm if the pregnancy is viable, and specify exactly how far along you are.

This information will determine which pregnancy options apply to your situation, including abortion methods and costs if you choose to have an abortion.

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